bread making


As we sift flour and blend bread, we connect with todays almost forgotten art that people of the middle ages have been doing on a daily basis.

The act of making bread can be a form of prayer, a ritual done for the health of our family. By stirring and frying we are putting our thoughts of gratitude and love into bread so that kind, made by hand and intentionally, can not be compared to what is bought in the bakery, trade.
Masaru Emoto in his book “The True Power of Water explains the subtle form of energy called the hado.
Everything that exists has vibrations or hado so we can describe it as “the total subtle energy that exists in the universe“. By studying hado, M. Emoto discovered that there are great differences in the quality of hado when it comes to different food preparation methods (whether prepared industrially or manually, in the home environment) and that there is a big difference in whether we are preparing food with love or when we are angry.
The process of making bread can be related to raising children because both require our presence, attention, gentle and nurturing thoughts, slowing down, exercising patience and a lot of love.

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Mama, early childhood educator, nature lover, blogger. While striving to live simply and minimise screen time, this blog is dedicated to parenting and to the art of making things. Between these lines I hope you will find inspiration and courage to make something yourself. Imperfection is most welcome. 

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