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In today’s consumer society, it is not uncommon for high technology to invest large  amounts of money into laboratory researches, which have a purpose to produce a variety of materials (battery for smart phone) for electronic devices that will not last „too long“. Also, today’s clothing is a result of “fast fashion” and is characterized by shorter lifespan, inexpensive, poor quality materials (with contaminated chemicals which enter our bloodstream) which become useless in a few washings and end up in the garbage.

While we look at a cheap, easy-to-break plastic piece of toy made in China, which will be broken after few times of child play and will end up in the garbage, do we wonder today how this piece of toy is made, where and in what working conditions; what quality of life has a person involved in producing such cheap, poor goods and what kind of impact on nature does this piece of plastic have?

As a counterbalance to consumerism, creation of new waste and reduction of our own ecological footprint, you could put your cell phone aside and dedicate yourself to create something with your hands.

Whether is it cooking, drawing or painting, knitting; whether is it photography, modeling in clay, sewing a toy or crocheting a small bucket, creating a mobile for a home decoration or making of new origami model, it is irrelevant – creativity is what matters!

Through creative expression we activate the parasympathetic nervous system that calms stress responses and enhances the release of dopamine, hormone of happiness.

Psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihaly explains that in the creative process everything is temporarily suspended and while we are so absorbed in what we’re doing, we lost all sense of time.
Along with complete immersion into a creative process, we enter into a state of active meditation similar to ancient Buddhist practice, focused on being in the moment.

While starting to create, our attitude toward things is changing. We begin to appreciate manually crafted things and the time person devoted to make it. Looking at some thing on the store shelf, we start thinking about how we can make at home something similar.

There is also a change in the purchase of garments as we start to choose quality, long-lasting materials that will serve us for a long period of time.

It’s a special feeling of pleasure to create something with your own hands and then, day after day, to use it. If we sow and create something for our children, we will have an opportunity to watch them every day as they play with something that we have done, with love, for them. If a child observes the process of making a toy, their attitude towards the subject is changing as they know that their mama has made it.

Also, by doing some creative work, we are becoming a model of  imitation for the child, encouraging him to create something by himself, unladen with result. Learned by working in the Waldorf kindergarten, children who create their own toys with their own hands – a simple doll made of felt, will approach with extraordinary tenderness and love to that doll, taking care of her, telling her stories and, as a beloved friend, always playing again.

So, tell me, what will you create today?

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Mama, early childhood educator, nature lover, blogger. While striving to live simply and minimise screen time, this blog is dedicated to parenting and to the art of making things. Between these lines I hope you will find inspiration and courage to make something yourself. Imperfection is most welcome. 

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