how to save beauty of autumn leaves


While autumn brings longer and colder nights, nature shows itself as most beautiful artist. To keep those warm, radiant autumn colors, we can collect all sorts of leaves and dip them into beeswax.
Although it’s not some big project to do, please keep in mind not to do it while having a little kid around because we need to melt beeswax.
It is best to gather leaves on a sunny, dry day because we can’t work with wet ones. For preserving leaves, you need some beeswax, leaves with stems and a bowl in which you can place a can or an old bowl for melting beeswax (I’ve used a thick glass container).


The procedure is very easy: take your beeswax and put it in the old bowl or a can and then put that in a larger bowl which you filled with water.

By heating the water, beeswax will slowly melt until all of beeswax turns into fluid state.
When you melt your beeswax, you can start with dipping leaves into hot, fluid beeswax. Be present while doing that because melted beeswax is really hot and can cause you a burn.
Take a leaf by its stem and dip it into the beeswax. Than take it out gently, waiting for a moment so the surplus of beeswax can drip off of the leaf. We dip every leaf just once because with more dipping, you make a thick (and heavy) layer and then colors can’t shine through.


If your beeswax becomes colder, it will also make a thicker, cloudy looking layer on a leaf so, in that case, just put your bowl with beeswax again on the heater until water again starts to boil and when the beeswax is hot again, dip the leaf inside.
After dipping, just lay your beeswax coated leaves on a wax paper to rest and cool.


They cool in a few minutes, so you can make a garland for a window or whatever you want. Enjoy in their warm radiant colors and let their presence warm you up on cold days!

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