how it all started

As a counterbalance to consumerism, creation of new waste and reduction of our own ecological footprint, Butterfly mornings was initiated as a blog where I invite you to put your cell phone aside and dedicate yourself to create something with your hands, because creativity is what matters.

From that creativity has grown this small, eco-friendly business located in Zagreb, Croatia. Having sustainability and conscious consumerism on mind, Butterfly mornings offers  you unique, handmade, eco-friendly and zero waste products made with the utmost care and attention in creating quality product from natural materials.

Welcome, relax and go green with these handmade products, made with love.

Thank you for your attention and stopping by.

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Mama, early childhood educator, nature lover, blogger. While striving to live simply and minimise screen time, this blog is dedicated to parenting and to the art of making things. Between these lines I hope you will find inspiration and courage to make something yourself. Imperfection is most welcome. 

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