kids sewing

We are in the middle of the winter holidays and my dear niece is with us. While her older cousin is in the evening at water polo training, she wanted to try to sew so we found her a little project.

Her willingness to make something came from seeing some things what her cousin made but also, she wanted earlier to learn how to sew but there was no one around to show her how to do it.

Probably nothing of this would be possible if there was no time limit for screen time. Even before holidays, we made a deal how long they will be allowed to use gadgets on a daily basis. Meanwhile they have all day for free play and all sorts of creativity!

First I made a sketch on a piece of paper to show her what she will be sewing and then cut that shape from felt. She already knew how to thread a needle and tie a knot so she was ready for sewing instructions. 

Like in every other skill, there has to be some amount of error so this is a great way to train her will. Also, hand sewing is great for practicing 
patience and to learn how every mistake can be fixed.

My nine years old niece sewed a fried egg, and that is the beginning of our felt food sewing because one little boy will soon get his little wooden kitchen and there has to be some food for his exploring.

Little update: The day before she sewed a fried egg, today she already made a bookmark by herself!


Here is a sketch for her new project she is working on.